Is There A Record Thirst For No Or Low Alcohol Beer?

People enjoying no-alcoholic drinks

Teenagers Making Selfie With Non-Alcoholic Beer

According to a recent survey, around 24 percent of wedding guests opt for alcohol-free beverages while celebrating the events.

Tesco, the supermarket giant, has also released its sales record, which reveals that Brits have made a record for avoiding alcoholic drinks and are opting for no or low-alcohol beers.

Consumers have also set a record demand in Dry January for no or low beers. But the need just didn’t stop after Dry January; supermarket sales are continuously increasing for such beverages.

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The study of Circana, a platform that also offers food services, has shown that in the last year, around six percent of consumers have shifted from regular beers to no or low-alcohol beers. Tesco also endorsed this fact by claiming that the demand for low or no-alcohol beer has increased so much that the sales have surpassed the sales of the first three weeks of Dry January.

Therefore, many brands are developing low or no Alcoholic beverages as well to meet the requirements of the consumers.

Another survey carried out on 2000 adults attending weddings by one of the largest wedding venues in the UK, The Gilchrist Collection, revealed that ” 47 percent of those who had attended a wedding in the last five years didn’t drink alcohol during at least one of the events they had been to.”

However,  a quarter of adults had to consume alcohol “just to avoid awkward questions or to have to share personal or medical information.”

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Whereas the sober attendees of the wedding were only offered water if they did not want alcohol. To bring a change to this, Samantha Gilchrist, the CEO of The Gilchrist Collection, along with Merlin Griffiths, the barman of the television series First Dates, are working to create a no-alcohol menu for the venue which is worth serving at weddings along with the alcohol beverages.

Gilchrist mentioned, “As a non-drinker myself, I’ve often been at a wedding or event with limited or even no drink options other than water or a soft drink, which is no fun! Worse still, these drinks are often presented in a boring tumbler that highlights the fact I’m not drinking,” 

“I really wanted to put something together for my venues that cater to non-drinking guests and those who like a drink but would also enjoy an alcohol-free alternative that allows them to still drink something special and not be penalised for their choice, whatever their reasons might be.”

“We’re seeing plenty of couples across our 12 venues both here and in the States requesting more sophisticated no and low drinks for their big day. Young people, in particular, are choosing not to drink for all sorts of reasons, which is why we wanted to team up with the incredibly talented Merlin to enhance our alcohol-free drinks offering for our couples and their guests,” continued Gilchrist.

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Of 81 percent from the survey, they were disappointed as venues were short on alcohol-free offerings and believe that wedding organizers should do something about it.

Due to the rise of low or no-alcohol options, many organizers and venues are going through different options to meet this demand so that they can also provide a diverse range of alcohol-free beverages to cater to their sober guests.

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